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Hey everyone, Kevin here and I’m a holistic health coach that is passionate about food, nutrition and healthy living and logevity. I used to be a football player that was concerned only with performance and the short term, but now I’m focused on spreading the word about longevity. As well as health.

You see, if you don’t have health and longevity, you’re destined to live a life that is shorter than what you’re supposed to live. And if you’re not healthy, you can’t really enjoy the life that God has planned for you. Many health problems have to do with┬ánutrition. One of the best nutrition documentarties I’ve ever seen is one by the BBC about sugar. You can have the pleasure of watching that here:

Sugar consumption is an absolutely disasterous problem in our society and world today. It’s crazy that more diseases and deaths are caused by too much food for the first time in history than too little food and starvation. But that’s what I want to help you with with this blog. I know the secrets to ending sugar addiction. To ending over eating. To ending all of these health problems that are associated with too much food/ too much bad food. I believe that if you understand the root causes of the problem, if you truly let those set in and understand them first intellectually, that you have a chance in ending your sugar addition and health problems. Then you have to get to the root emotional cause. I believe that if you sleep more, you wont have as many problems. I believe if you’re in a healthy relationship, it definitely contributes to less overeating and less stress eating. I believe that if you have passion and purpose in your life, that nutrition becomes secondary and you use it as fuel, nourishment, and a gift to share with others to contribute to the greater good of mankind. Not what you were expecting from a nutrition blog, were you? ­čÖé

Stay tuned for a lot of great posts on health, nutrition, longevity and how you can improve your health!

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