Our health principles are simple and can be summed up in 10 principles. They are:

  1. don’t eat anything processed or refined
  2. don’t eat artificial colors or flavors
  3. don’t eat preservatives
  4. don’t eat processed or hydrogenated fats
  5. only eat fresh, organic and local fruits and vegetables
  6. don’t eat antibiotic laden meats, or pumped with growth hormones
  7. don’t drink or eat dairy products that aren’t organic and raw
  8. watch what kind of water you drink – drink mostly distilled water
  9. only eat grains sparingly
  10. don’t eat gluten or wheat, as both are highly allergenic

Follow these 10 simple principles, and you should turn your health around right away. Otherwise, stay tuned to our blog and you will stay updated with the latest and best information about health and longevity.